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What Is Mission Critical Service

With the development of technologies, the broadband becomes the overall trend of wireless communication system. The private network system has also been developing in the direction of IP, diversified business, broadband data and multi-mode terminal. LTE meets the needs of customers for image, video and high speed data transmission, however it used to fall short in trunking voice features, which mission and business critical users heavily rely on for their routine job and emergency response. In order to solve these problems, 3GPP proposed the Mission Critical Service (MCS) broadband trunking technology.

What you will Learn

  • What is the challenge for LMR industry at broadband era?
  • What is Mission Critical Service?
  • What can Mission Critical Service do?
  • What are the differences among MCS, VoLTE and PoC?
  • What is the Hytera MCS Solution?

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