Giving Workplace Health & Safety a Helping Hand

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As an employer, the health and safety of your workforce is a priority. That’s especially the case if your people work in high risk or demanding operational environments. Ensuring staff are trained in all relevant safety procedures and are aware of local safety policies is just the start.

Two Way Radio Emergency Features

A well implemented training program should, at a minimum, inform staff of any potential workplace hazards, their own health and safety responsibilities, and all incident and injury reporting processes.

When safety-related communications are a must have, however, today’s digital trunked radio solutions offer a variety of benefits that can help ensure your duty of care responsibilities are fulfilled.

GPS tracking

Handsets that offer GPS tracking mean you’ll always know where workers are located, so that first responders can mobilise fast if a staff member is in trouble.

Lone worker protection

Alarms are an essential aid for lone worker protection and equipping staff with 2-way radio handsets that feature a dedicated emergency or panic button will boost their confidence in the field.

Handsets can be programmed to raise an alarm and instantly identify which handset user issued the alarm.

Man-down services

Handsets with a man-down feature are critical for maximising the safety of personnel. Today’s radio handsets can be programmed to monitor if there’s inactivity after a set time. Or instantly notify supervisors that a worker needs immediate assistance if excessive motion or vertical/horizontal tilting indicates a problem – like a fall.

Discrete communications

With multiple voice and data channels available for use, today’s digital handsets can enable discrete one-to-one communications that let supervisors communicate directly with individual operatives to check their status – and field workers communicate concerns and issues quickly to those in charge without ‘having to go public’.

Non response alerts

Handsets can be programmed to trigger an alarm if an operator fails to respond to a message, sending a voice, text or tone alarm across the system so that co-workers and responders can check an operative’s status.

Remote login

It goes without saying that the safety of everyone may be compromised if a radio is lost or stolen. To prevent unauthorised personnel ‘listening in’, ensure your radio handsets can be centrally deactivated – or reactivated – if required.

At Hytera we understand the multiple duties and responsibilities you face when it comes to maximising the safety of your people and assets.

To discover more about how our two-way handheld digital radios can enhance Health & Safety at your business contact one of our approved dealers today.