Hytera Assisted the China’s Shenzhou 13 Astronauts Safely Returned to Earth

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Inner Mongolia, China -- The Shenzhou 13 spacecraft safely landed on April 16th, 2022, after six months aboard China’s newest orbital station in the longest crewed mission to date for China's space program. The spacecraft carrying three astronauts landed in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, about 9 hours after departing from the core Tianhe module of China's new Tiangong space station.

As the leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, Hytera is proud to provide the communication support for the safe landing of the Shenzhou 13 return capsule, as well as the astronauts.

The ground crews and rescue teams adopted Hytera’s DMR two-way radios for clear, stable, and long-distance communications since the capsule landing site was in the Gobi Desert with a cloud of dust and a large open area. Hytera DMR devices provide advanced speakers and microphones to realize superior call and audio quality, the small and lightweight design with dust-proof and water-proof protection enables a reliable and durable communication performance in a harsh environment.

Hytera’s communication technologies provide the ground crews and rescue teams with fast and stable command and dispatch via individual calls, group calls or priority calls under private networks, they can instantly communicate across different teams for support during the landing of the return capsule, as well as carrying out the astronauts from the capsule.

As a leading player in the PMR industry, Hytera’s communication technologies have successfully supported the development of various national-level projects in public safety, transportation, emergency response, utility, industry & commerce, for example, the national TETRA network for the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic, the Beijing Winter Olympic and FIFA World Cup, the Eurotunnel between Britain and France, the Sri Lanka railway radio telecommunications project, the electricity application in Turkey, etc. In the future, Hytera will continue to make better efforts on world-class missions with its professional critical communication technologies to make the world more efficiently and intelligently connected.