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diagram indicating highlights of HP708

Volume/Channel/Contact Knob

Dedicated Emergency Button

0.9-inch display

Loud and clear speaker

Water-porting design

Supports micro SD card


Created with Sketch. Thinner and Lighter

An optimized mechanical design and a compact lithium polymer battery which fits discreetly into the HP708's design makes the radio only 29.5mm thick and 290g in weight.

Created with Sketch. Louder and Clearer Audio

The HP708 has louder and clearer audio though an optimized forward facing speaker and AI-based noise cancellation that decreases the unwanted background noise and howling and improves communication efficiency.

Created with Sketch. Longer Battery Life

The latest in proven lithium polymer technology is used in the battery used with the HP708 . The battery is lighter and smaller than ever before, yet still delivers 24 hours of battery life (5/5/90) to provide radio operation for your entire shift.

StayConnected-0x20 Enhanced Coverage

Increased receiver sensitivity extends the coverage range and improves audio quality in weak signal areas.

Created with Sketch. Higher Level of Ruggedness

IP68 rated (submersible to a depth of 2 meters for 4 hours in fresh water) and able to withstand a 2-meter drops onto concrete allows it to withstand the toughest environments.

Accessories for HP708

Included as standard with HP708 Included as standard with HP708

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Technical Specifications


Frequency Range
UHF: 350-470 MHz VHF: 136-174 MHz
Channel Capacity
Zone Capacity
132 x 55 x 29.5mm
0.91 inch OLED Display
Battery Life (5-5-90 Duty Cycle)
UHF: 26 Hours/22 Hours (GNSS) VHF: 25 Hours/21 Hours (GNSS)

Environmental Specifications

Dust & Water Intrusion
Per MIL-STD-810G
Shock & Vibration
Per MIL-STD-810G