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diagram indicating highlights of RD628

Compact Design

The RD625 combines transmitter and receiver components, the voltage supply and the duplexer (optional) in its sleek chassis to provide a neat solution

Analogue or Digital

The RD625 repeater can automatically change between digital and analogue mode depending on the type of receiver signal, saving both time and money by eliminating the need to configure frequencies and channels manually

Flexible Networking

Connect the RD625 to an IP-based communication network to service multiple locations. The roaming function is used to provide radios in this network with voice and data services across cells (base stations)

Easy Installation

Its well-engineered design makes wall mounting very simple using the optional wall bracket. This makes it flexible with regards to install location, improving convenience and discretion in buildings

Fail-safe Communication

Provide a fail-safe radio signal by connecting the repeater to a 12v battery in addition to the normal supply of power. If the AC supply fails, the RD625 switches automatically to battery backup


Accessories for RD628

Included as standard with RD628 Included as standard with RD628

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