Digital Two-Way Radio Systems

Realise your communication potential

Maximise your capacity and control by intelligently managing your expanding radio subscriber base with Hytera's digital DMR/TETRA/LTE systems.

Marrying our cutting-edge two-way radios and advanced repeater technology with powerful Hytera applications delivers the ultimate professional communication system. All Hytera systems can be developed around you. You may be looking for a simple handset and repeaters combination with RFID tags and Patrol software to manage your security team, or a mixed radio technology fleet across a wide area network with a comprehensive all-in-one dispatch solution.

Whatever your unique requirement, we offer a cost-effective system that's built around you. Our innovative and scalable design - in line with ETSI standards - will ensure that your people can communicate instantly whenever, wherever. Work through our systems hardware or application software to browse the options across DMR/TETRA/LTE, then speak with one of our Hytera Partners to determine the ideal solution for your application.

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